Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Book Nook

This book review is a good one guys. It is on the novel, "The Cellar" by Nastasha Preston. This book was ironically enough first published to Wattpad. If you don't know, Wattpad is a place where anyone who loves to write can create stories and post them for people to read. This book started off as a random girl writing a story that wanted to share her creation and now it has 22.5 million reads on Wattpad and a million copies sold. That is crazy, so keep writing my friends! I heard about this book a couple of times and shoved it to the side for years. However, my list of books I knew I wanted to buy was running out so next time I went to the bookstore I had to improvise.

I saw this book on the shelf and immediately recognized the cover and the title from word of mouth. I was now intrigued. I decided to get it based on the major buzz that it got over the years. As a book lover sometimes getting a book based off its hype can be dangerous because if you have crazy high expectation, it is possible you may be let down in the end. This book was not one of those.

This book is about a young woman named Summer who gets kidnapped and locked in a, you guessed it, a cellar. She is locked down there by a psycho with 3 other girls. It is told in 3 perspectives. The first one is Summer, the one who is actually kidnapped. She tries to survive and live within a world she doesn't quite understand. It is the journey of survival and the saving of one girl. The second one is the kidnapper, Clover. He believes that he is saving these women from corruption of the world and they can be a family. In his free time he also irradiates the women who aren't pure. I won't give to much away. The third is Lewis, Summer's boyfriend, who she thinks about constantly while she is stuck. I thought the use of three perspective gave the book so much more dimension to the story. From Summer, we got to know how she was dealing with her situation and everything that happened while Clover was gone. From Clover, we got to know his back story and find out why he does what he does and how he is getting away with his antics. From Lewis, we see the hope. We see the fight that Summers' family has in searching for their daughter.

It is such a different book for me. I never really read thrillers or scary novels, but I am so glad I did. This book was amazing. It hooked me from the first chapter. I couldn't put the book down and I couldn't help but cover my mouth and gasp at a lot of things that go on. It is a crazy concept that is actually quite possible. It really made me want to never walk alone ever again, which in certain situations isn't a good idea in the first place. It taught me to watch your surroundings, which is always something to keep in mind (especially my ladies reading this! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!)

Overall, this book was fantastic. When I finished it made it even more shocking and great knowing that the author was just a girl on her laptop writing a good story on Wattpad. That is truly an amazing story and I can't wait to read another one of her novels. "The Cabin" is sitting on my bookshelf as we speak!

Favorite Character: I don't want to say Clover was my favorite character because he was totally crazy, but his backstory was so fascinating. I did really like the idea of his character because stories and crimes interest me. However, my favorite character was without a doubt, Summer. She went through so much within one story. She was strong and held her own while being kidnapped and when she got back she tried to find who she was again. In a situation like that, that completely changes you, it is hard to find who you were because you don't feel like that anymore. You become a new version of yourself and I could relate to that part of her character. I am so proud of her <3

Favorite Quotes: "That was something I never understood. Why were women so callous when it came to other women's happiness?"

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Book Nook

Yayyyy, another book review coming your way. This one is "Buffering" by Hannah Hart. Hannah is a big youtuber known for her hit comedy show, My Drunk Kitchen. She drinks and tries to cook things, it is comedy gold. Also she has a cook book before her next book which is the one I will be talking about today.

Now I knew Hannah Hart through youtubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. She would collaborate with them as the holy trinity youtuber and they are still to this day the best trio on the internet. I would see her in collabs with people I was subscribed to, like them, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, etc. I have been watching those people for years now and I have seen Hannah progress through those videos. I haven't had the chance to explore in depth her own channel, but what I see hit my curiosity button. I was strolling through Barnes and Noble and I saw her book Buffering. I knew she wrote a cook book previously, but I never read it cause I am not a cook. This was a good old book about her and I was totally intrigued. I bought it and now it is sitting on the shelf with all my youtuber books I have. I finally got around to it and boy is it good.

Like I said before I had never gone in depth into her or her channel, so reading her book was a eye opener. She has gone through hella shit and that was what was crazy. I never would have known this things by just seeing these funny, light-hearted videos that were popping up on my feed. Every story she told was a revelation into something deeper into who she was. The things that she had to deal with as a child was something I could never imagine and I give her major props. She turned her situation into progress and that is completely amazing. She grew from what her childhood gave her and made her life better. It was truly inspiring to read and put myself into her shoes through her stories.

This person I was reading about seemed completely different from the internet personality who cooks drunk on youtube. It was such a flip to what I saw of her in video form. It made me so happy that I decided to venture into this book and the stories she had to tell. She speaks for the ones who can't on mental illness, depression, anxiety, and more. She lets you know that the struggles you are going through are okay and that you aren't the only one. It is such a reassuring book with a moral at the end of each chapter. It made me sad, it made me angry, but it also made me happy. Now that I see her in 2018, even if it is only a small part, I can see how happy she is in her life right now. She has grown so much from that person she was in 2012-2016 and I couldn't be happier for her.

I have always been inspired by the trio that is Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah. However, I have a new found respect for them all and especially Hannah. They are some of my favorite comedians to this day. Please if you haven't go read "Buffering," it is beautiful. (you can also read grace and mamries books if you want- they are also a hoot!).

Favorite Quotes: "Buffering is that time you spend waiting for the pixels of your life to crystallize into a clearer picture; it's a time of reflection, a time of pause, a time for regaining your composure or readjusting your course. We all have a limited amount of mental and emotional bandwidth, and some of life's episodes take a long time to fully load."

"I've always been a big believer in sharing ideas. The magic is not in the "what" of the idea, it's in the "how." Because honestly, no one can steal your ability to come up with new thoughts."

"I try to remind myself daily that success and failure have less to do with actual results but rather how we choose to respond to the results. You can squander success and you can overcome failure. You can flourish or you can flounder. Sometimes it's about choosing which feelings to fight and which feelings to follow."

"Sometimes it's just easier to decide that someone is the bad guy. But the truth is never that simple."

"With our bodies we make statements before we speak, our presentation is language spoken without words. You - and only you - get to decide what it is you're trying to say."

"All or nothing. That's my thought spiral. You're in or you're out. You win or you die. Game of Thrones is the best. Etc., etc., etc." (GOT is the best... can't wait for season 8).

"It wasn't that Life had selected their family to suffer, but rather that in Life there is both Suffering and Joy."

"There is much in this world that hurts us, but if we let pain become our master, we live our lives as slaves."

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Nook

YOU GUYS THIS BOOK I'M ABOUT TO REVIEW IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ. It is probably in my top 5 or 10. It is "Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda" by Becky Albertalli. You guys have probably heard of the movie, "Love, Simon" and this was the book it was based off of.

I saw the trailer for the movie and I immediately was like, "I need to see this," so I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie, just because that is who I am. So I picked it up in the book store and I read that ish fast. The last half of the book made me stay up till 2 am to finish the entire book. The whole thing is such a funny, inspiring, loving story. If you don't know the story, it is about a boy named Simon who is a closeted gay kid at his school. He sees something on the internet about another gay boy at his school and he emails him. They go back and forth and in a way fall in love through the internet, but neither of them know the true identity of each other. IT IS SO GOOD!

This topic is so relveant in our society right now. We have to open the door to LGBTQ rights and give them things that straight people have all the time, a romance about them. I support all LGBTQ people and their stories. This book and movie will and is already helping so many people feel less lonely, special, and feel included. I really love this so much. I cannot wait to see the movie.

However, this post is about the book. The book is amazing, the characters are perfect, and the story is just written so beautifully. Not to mention it is FRIGGIN hilarious!! Also, just because this book has an LGTBQ protagonist, that doesn't mean other people who aren't like that cannot relate. There are some things in this book I totally related to even though I am not apart of the LGTBQ group.

Favorite Character: When you read this book you cannot fall in love with Simon, it'll just happen. I also have a weird connection to Leah, because her personality reminds me of myself. For example, she is sassy and sarcastic, which are basically my two descriptors of myself. However, Simon is someone that I wanna be best friends with and know in my real life right now.

Favorite Quotes: "I hate listening to stuff through the speakers of my phone, but music is always better than no music."

"I take a sip of my beer, and it's- I mean, it's just astonishing disgusting. I don't think I was expecting it to taste like ice cream, but holy fucking hell. People lie and get fake IDs and sneak into bars, and for this? I honestly think I'd rather make out with Bieber. The Dog. Or Justin."

"Do you ever feel locked into yourself? I'm not sure if I'm making sense here. I guess what I mean is that sometimes it seems like everyone knows who I am except me."

"I'm just so sick of straight people who can't get their shit together."

"White shouldn't be the default any more than straight should be the default. There shouldn't even be a default."



Friday, March 23, 2018

Book Nook

You guys this next book had me in my feelings. It is a poem book with 4 parts by none other Rupi Kaur. It is called, "The Sun and Her Flowers" and it made me feel so many emotions.

I read her first poem book and that was good, but this one man. Some of these poems LITERALLY hit me so hard I closed the book and thought about it for like 20 minutes. I couldn't stop reading them over and over again. I was praising her for writing such honest and beautifully raw words. I am sure it wasn't easy to write what she did. I couldn't imagine re experiencing these emotions while she was writing, it is tragic and beautiful and amazing. I am in awe at how honest these got. I know her first book was similar in style with 4 different parts that represent a time in her life and how she felt, BUT DAMN! Rupi came out with a better poem book that literally took my breath away.

I am sorry, but you have to read this book. It is too pure and honest for you not to read it. I aspire to be as brave and write as beautifully as her, honestly.

I felt like I needed to share some of my favorite poems from the book because they are too good.. so continue reading :)

Here are some of my favorites I couldn't resist sharing! Sorry some of them are hard to read (Try zoom).

live life to the fullest and stop worrying guys
the last half of this page she is preaching baby!
this isn't the whole poem, but "art of growing" was one of my all time favorites from the whole book
i felt this one 
what beautiful irony?!
more love, less hate
stop competing with others, especially siblings. They are not you.
men ain't shit, love yourself and love the world
xoxo haley <3

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Book Nook


Yes, I am getting back into reading I swear. So this blog post is about the book, "The Season of You and Me" by Robin Constantine. I read a book by this author not that long ago and so I decided to try another one by her because I loved the first one.

This book was about a young teen girl who just had a nasty break up she goes to her dads all summer to work at a summer camp where she meets a boy who becomes her good friend. Do they find love? Or does everything fall apart? READ IT TO FIND OUT :)

It was such a fun, light, quick read that was cute and quirky. I loved the relationships that developed between the characters and it was very relatable to how many teens act in today's society. I also loved the fact that this book shows both of the main character's perspective and how their lives intertwine. This author is known for this type of writing in her previous books ("The Promise of Amazing"). I recommend this book to anyone who loves a fun romance and is into young adult novels. This is very age appropriate to teenagers.

Favorite Character: Cassidy and Bryan are tied as favorites. They are the main characters that the perspective flips back and forth in the book. Cassidy is funny and smart and takes care of her little brother when she is going through hard times. She puts others first, which I loved. Then Bryan is a quadriplegic from an accident and I can relate to the misery and pity he must feel, but I love how positive he is about everything.

No amazing quotes in this book guys, hopefully the next one will have more!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Book Nook


Before I start the first book review of the new year I would like to say one of my new years resolutions is to blog more! Last year I felt that I only wrote once a couple months and so this year I want to change that! I know I have said this before, but I want to promise you and myself that I will try.

Anyway, here is the first book review, "The Memory Book" by Lara Avery. The title basically explains the gist of this novel. Samantha is a senior in high school who has been diagnosed with NPC which causes you to slowly lose your memories. She decides to write down everything that happens so when she starts to forget she can go back and read what happened. This disease does not have a high survival rate, but Sam has college plans, so what will happen? Will she make it out to New York or will NPC take over? Read to find out :)

The concept of this book interested me a lot, that's why I picked it out in my monthly Barnes & Noble trip. I recommend this book to all young kids battling any physical or mental obstacle. It will teach you how to come to terms with who you are while still fighting. I think this book is amazingly sad. I can't tell you how quickly I sped through it.

Favorite Character: Sam and Cooper. Sam because I can relate to her on so many levels. She has so many high expectations for herself and puts a ton of pressure on herself as a senior in high school. I have done that before more than once. Cooper because he knows how to relax and have fun. He is the guy you run to when you need a laugh. You may not like him at first, but just give him a chance.

Favorite Quotes: "It's because there's this part of me that wants to be extraordinary. Like I want to believe that if you work hard and you have good ideas, you can be who you want to be."

"I think people fake that they're having a fun a lot of the time in photos, because they want people to think they're having fun. Well, that's not life, is it? Sometimes life is really terrible. Sometimes life gives you a weird disease. Sometimes life is really good, but never in a simple sort of way."

"...there's something about laughing on your back that makes you keep going long after anything is funny."

"Optimism does not have to be blind."

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Nook

You guys I feel like every time I get on here it has been forever. I feel terrible I haven't written, but I swear I have an excuse! I am currently in the midst of writing a novel.. oh snap, i know. Don't get too excited because it may not ever be public, but we will have to wait and see.

Anyway, on to what this post is about. I finally read a new book! It is "Zac and Mia" by A.J Betts. This book is about Zac and Mia, duh! But, these kids are both diagnosed with cancer. They are being treated at the same hospital in the rooms next to each other. They never talk until Mia runs away from the hospital and somehow ends up with Zac.

If I tell you anymore it'll spoil it, so looks like you're going to have to go read it for yourselves.

I loved this book. It was cute and happy even when it was based around such a sensitive and serious topic. It was lighthearted and serious at the same time, which is not always easy in writing. I loved the way this book was put together. The first half was all in Zac's perspective and then in the middle it was both of them. Lastly, in the final chapters it was Mia's perspective. They were split up like that to reassemble the title which I thought was extremely clever.

Favorite Character: I honestly have no idea. There isn't many characters in this book that you get to know deeply. But between Zac and Mia I can't choose. I see myself in both of them. Mia is very bull headed and wants to be extremely independent. Zac is logical and funny. I can't choose, it would hurt to much to pick one over the other.

Favorite Quotes: "Life doesn't favor the curious."

"Perhaps courage is simply this: spur-of-the-moment acts when your head screams don't but your body does it anyway."

"Courage is standing still even though you want to run. Courage is planting yourself and turning toward the thing that scares you, whether it's your leg or your friends or the guy who could break your heart again. It is opening your eyes and staring that fear down."